Fully Persuaded

I am convinced that being fully persuaded is a decision.  It is a decision to believe God’s Word above all else. 

Effectual, Fervent Prayer

I believe we too often grow passive and give up in our prayer life.  We put down the hammer and relax.  We don’t realize that it is up to us to enforce God’s will. 

The Road to Abundance

What if I told you that you could enter into an abundant, prosperous life even if you currently don’t have any money?

Need or Vision?

Be driven by your vision, not by your needs!

Last Days Deceptions

We cannot pick and choose which aspects of God’s nature we will accept.  The Scriptures are His living Word.

You Have Enough!

Within the heart of every believer there exist the divine resources to change our destinies.

Don't Oppose Yourself!

Many believers agree with good doctrine but speak words of failure, sickness, lack and defeat. 

Is Legalism The Real Problem?

While we spend so much time focusing on ‘legalism’ as our enemy, it is really only the symptom of the real problem.

The Mustard Seed Mystery

How often have we been exhorted that if we only had a tiny bit of faith like a mustard seed, that is all we need?

Are you up for a fight?

Grace makes all of God’s blessings available, but faith receives them.


Let’s learn to speak from the Spirit and not from the flesh.

God Is Not The Variable

Understanding the true nature of God is the first step in breaking free from failure, loss and heartache. 

Discover Your Purpose

There is something divine in you that seeks expression.  The gifts and callings of God don’t change, but they must be discovered.

Groundhog Day

Every day is a blank canvas on which you can express God’s grace, faith and vision, or your own fear and lack.