Our struggles with faith are really struggles with understanding our authority in Christ.  Knowing that ‘God can heal’ or ‘God can deliver’ is not faith.  What we know to be true in our minds does not mean that faith has been born in our hearts. 

They key to faith is to know who and what is under your authority.  Faith is not complicated when authority is established.  Jesus referred to faith as a servant in Luke 17:6-9.  When you have a revelation of your authority, you will speak and things will obey you.  It is no big deal.  When you are unsure of your authority, you will speak and ‘hope’ that something happens. 

We have faith when we spend the money we’ve earned.  It is our money and it will purchase a coffee if we desire, or it will pay the rent or it will buy new shoes if we want.  Money will follow the desires of the one who possesses it.  The one who has the money doesn’t think twice about his money being refused.  He has authority over the money in his hand and can make it purchase what he wants.

Faith, like money, responds to the knowledge of our authority.  I can’t spend your money but I can spend mine because I know it is mine.  When I understand that sickness, failure and loss are under my authority, I can walk in perfect faith and see those needs met.  I know that God has provided and has given me authority to use His provision.  There is no lack in the Kingdom!

How much faith is in your account?  As much as you can comprehend with your spirit!  As we get a revelation of our authority in Christ, the God kind of faith in us leaps into action.  Faith comes by hearing God’s Word (His covenant promises) in your spirit.  When you know that you know you have money in the bank, you shop with no fear.  When you know that you know who you are in Christ, you receive healing, deliverance and provision while resting in Him.  It is your inheritance!