I recently saw a movie based upon the concept of your life being predetermined based upon a ‘frequency’ you were born with.  If you were born with a high frequency, you would attract every blessing and it would seem that everything in life worked in your favor.  If you were born with a low frequency, life would be hard.  Things would never go your way. 

As I thought about this, I realized there was some spiritual truth to it.  When we are born again, we all have the potential to access they highest frequency available.  We have all been blessed with every blessing.  We are all seated with Christ, more than conquerors, one spirit with Him, and called to reign in life.  We are expected to live on the highest frequency. 

But many don’t.  Even though they are born again, they still never seem to attract blessings.  They live lives of chronic loss and failure, fear and depression.  Why?

Our ‘frequency’ is not predetermined by God.  It is simply another word for ‘faith.’  Faith is the frequency of God’s blessings.  And we know that faith comes from hearing God’s Word(Rom. 10:17).  In other words, the frequency of faith is dependent upon hearing God in every area of our lives.  As we do, we activate His blessings, favor and grace. 

Perhaps you aren’t happy with your frequency.  An abundant life of blessings seems far away.  It really isn’t.  You haven’t been predestined to frustration.  You have everything you need in order to have God’s blessings overtake you.  It is just a matter of tuning into Him.  His voice in your life is the frequency of faith.  It is the frequency of healing, provision and victory.  Expect to hear Him.  Faith is the frequency of God.

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” (Mt. 4:4)