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The Road to Abundance

What if I told you that you could enter into an abundant, prosperous life even if you currently don’t have any money?

You Have Enough!

Within the heart of every believer there exist the divine resources to change our destinies.


What is being revealed through the seed and what is God’s purpose?

Blessing Truths

We see many well-meaning Christians who seem to live in the midst of great lack in one or more areas of their life.  The availability of all the resources of heaven is of little meaning if we don’t know how to make those blessings real in our lives.  That is why Jesus gave us the keys of the kingdom. 

From Compensation to Multiplication

Most of us are all too familiar with working for a paycheck.  We invest 40 hours a week into someone’s business or endeavor in order to be compensated.  What we do with that money is really a reflection of what we think of ourselves and our families.