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Is Legalism The Real Problem?

While we spend so much time focusing on ‘legalism’ as our enemy, it is really only the symptom of the real problem.

Does God Create Evil?

When God says that He creates evil it is speaking of the adversity prepared for Judah for having separated themselves from Him and His Word.

When did the Old Covenant vanish away?

The unfortunate interpretation by some is that the writer of Hebrews is speaking in the present tense and thus admitting that the old covenant is ‘growing old,’ but is still alive at the writing of the book of Hebrews and has not yet vanished away.  Is this accurate?

What is Finished?

While the work of Jesus is finished, the work of the church is far from over.

What is finished?

What did Jesus mean when He said ‘it is finished?’ There are a number of teachings floating around that twist this scripture to mean that all men are saved, all have a new creation nature, all wrath is finished, there is no hell, and on and on. And the blind follow the blind.