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The Road to Abundance

What if I told you that you could enter into an abundant, prosperous life even if you currently don’t have any money?

Need or Vision?

Be driven by your vision, not by your needs!

You Have Enough!

Within the heart of every believer there exist the divine resources to change our destinies.

Much More!

God is a God of much more!  Let this truth find a place in your heart and see yourself living in the abundant provision of God!


What is being revealed through the seed and what is God’s purpose?

The Power of Poverty

Those with a spirit of poverty may be born again, but they worship at the altar of limitations, self doubt and lack.

The Three Dimensions of Grace

When you can understand the three dimensions of grace, you can more fully comprehend the dimensions of righteousness, sanctification, forgiveness and even healing.


How often have we felt under resourced, out of energy, lacking in talent and with nothing left to give?  The truth is that those ‘feelings’ represent our flesh and natural thinking, not our spirit man.