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Relationship or Religion?

A relationship is a dynamic, living communion that won’t be the same every day.  There is no guilt in a living relationship.  It is a commitment of mutual love and blessing. 


Rejection is the soil in which unbelief grows.  Each time we experience a rejection the potential for doubt and unbelief increases.  How can you have faith in life, others or yourself when you believe you are unlovely, incapable or inadequate in some way? 

God's Favorite

How would you live your life differently if you knew that you were the only object of God’s love and grace?  How would it impact you if you knew that all of His power was at your disposal? 

By Faith, Not Sight

For those with well trained dogs, a simple command brings forth instant obedience.  Dogs can understand verbal commands, hand signals and even body language and inflections in the voice.  The owner of a well-trained dog has faith that his commands will be obeyed.  In many cases he doesn’t even have to see the obedience.  He knows the dog will carry out the command.