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The Nature of God

Last Days Deceptions

We cannot pick and choose which aspects of God’s nature we will accept.  The Scriptures are His living Word.

God Is Not The Variable

Understanding the true nature of God is the first step in breaking free from failure, loss and heartache. 

Empty Handed?

Don’t be gullible. You are equipped to enforce Christ’s victory. You are never empty handed

Much More!

God is a God of much more!  Let this truth find a place in your heart and see yourself living in the abundant provision of God!

Does God Create Evil?

When God says that He creates evil it is speaking of the adversity prepared for Judah for having separated themselves from Him and His Word.

Predestined? Consider these Questions

Why must we run with patience the race that is set before us if the outcome of that race is already predestined by God?  Why does it matter how we run the race?

The Nature of God

What are God’s desires for you?  When we understand His nature we can understand His desires.  Consider the following...