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Word of God

Last Days Deceptions

We cannot pick and choose which aspects of God’s nature we will accept.  The Scriptures are His living Word.

Empty Handed?

Don’t be gullible. You are equipped to enforce Christ’s victory. You are never empty handed

The Authority of the Sciptures

Some believe that their revelation goes beyond the Word of God, and that the Word is merely a partial supplement to truth.  But truth divorced from the Word is not truth. 

Corrupting the Word

The power of sin and death was defeated on the cross and now all men are once again free to choose their destiny.

Grace Seeds

We could think of the gospel as a limitless bag of grace seeds, each seed fully prepared to accomplish God’s purpose in your life!

Why was it written?

How much importance do we place on the written Word of God?  How important was it to God to have His Word written? 

Latest Doctrinal Weirdness

The motivation behind the premise that Scripture cannot mean more to you than it did to the original audience is simple.  Certain false teachers have an agenda and Scripture gets in the way of that agenda.

His Words Are Waiting

When we find His words, believe them and then speak them, we are activating the eternal power of those words. Until we speak His words, they remain alive but unassigned.

What is finished?

What did Jesus mean when He said ‘it is finished?’ There are a number of teachings floating around that twist this scripture to mean that all men are saved, all have a new creation nature, all wrath is finished, there is no hell, and on and on. And the blind follow the blind.

Is the Bible God's Word?

There is a growing movement in some Christian circles to establish the Bible as fallible and only an imperfect guide to knowing God and Jesus. The reasons are clear. The Bible gets in the way of the Jesus they have imagined. Nevertheless, Jesus had complete confidence and faith in the Old Testament and made sure that the minds of the disciples were opened to understand it.