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The Mustard Seed Mystery

How often have we been exhorted that if we only had a tiny bit of faith like a mustard seed, that is all we need?


Let’s learn to speak from the Spirit and not from the flesh.


What is being revealed through the seed and what is God’s purpose?

His Words are Waiting

God has spoken about you, over you and for you.  His words are eternal and alive.  They are like soldiers or servants awaiting their orders. 

Blessing Truths

We see many well-meaning Christians who seem to live in the midst of great lack in one or more areas of their life.  The availability of all the resources of heaven is of little meaning if we don’t know how to make those blessings real in our lives.  That is why Jesus gave us the keys of the kingdom. 

His Words Are Waiting

When we find His words, believe them and then speak them, we are activating the eternal power of those words. Until we speak His words, they remain alive but unassigned.

You Are What You Think

Only when you agree with God’s declarations about you will you be thinking correctly. 

Does Your Life Hang In Doubt?

So many precious believers continue to live lives of frustration, fear and worry. They have failed to renew their minds to the Word of God. They have allowed strongholds of unbelief, fear and inferiority to dominate them.

The Power of Words

What separates us from the animals?  Words.  Words are an expression of the spirit of man.  All men are spiritual beings who can reason, choose and speak words that can kill or make alive.