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Need or Vision?

Be driven by your vision, not by your needs!

You Have Enough!

Within the heart of every believer there exist the divine resources to change our destinies.

Don't Oppose Yourself!

Many believers agree with good doctrine but speak words of failure, sickness, lack and defeat. 

God Is Not The Variable

Understanding the true nature of God is the first step in breaking free from failure, loss and heartache. 

Discover Your Purpose

There is something divine in you that seeks expression.  The gifts and callings of God don’t change, but they must be discovered.

Groundhog Day

Every day is a blank canvas on which you can express God’s grace, faith and vision, or your own fear and lack. 

Empty Handed?

Don’t be gullible. You are equipped to enforce Christ’s victory. You are never empty handed

Contentment or Resignation?

True contentment is peace in the midst of any situation, but it is not the passive acceptance of every situation.

The Power of Focus

Energy is generated by focus.  We make time for that which we consider important.  A scattered focus will determine your destiny just as much as a singular focus. 

The Equalizer

Faith does not depend upon background, education, social status, gender, race or even the mistakes we have made in life. 

The Three Dimensions of Grace

When you can understand the three dimensions of grace, you can more fully comprehend the dimensions of righteousness, sanctification, forgiveness and even healing.

Your future is in your heart.

In every heart there exists a ‘treasure.’  This treasure can consist of good or evil.  Proverbs 4:23 tells us; ‘Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.’  Why is the heart so important?  Because the heart is the true source of man’s life and future.