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God's Will

The Man Born Blind

Physical sicknesses, birth defects and deformities are not the work of God, but rather the results of the power of sin in the human race.

Discover Your Purpose

There is something divine in you that seeks expression.  The gifts and callings of God don’t change, but they must be discovered.

Much More!

God is a God of much more!  Let this truth find a place in your heart and see yourself living in the abundant provision of God!

Contentment or Resignation?

True contentment is peace in the midst of any situation, but it is not the passive acceptance of every situation.

Will God Heal All?

Jesus healed ALL who came to him.  He never turned away a sick person, nor did He ever explain their sickness as a necessary part of their spiritual growth.

Predestined? Consider these Questions

Why must we run with patience the race that is set before us if the outcome of that race is already predestined by God?  Why does it matter how we run the race?

What about Job?

Job's story is not indicative of God's dealings with us under the New Covenant.  They are not comparable in any way.

Did Jesus say nothing about Homosexuality?

The issue is the heart.  A heart that embraces homosexuality or adultery or incest or sex trafficking or rape or evil thoughts, lies, slander or murder is a heart that desperately needs the transforming work of the Holy Spirit.  And that is the free gift of the gospel message. 

Knowing God's Will

You really don’t need three dreams and a vision to know God’s will.  If you will stay in harmony with righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience and gentleness, you will be in the center of His will and you will be a blessing to many.