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What is Finished?

While the work of Jesus is finished, the work of the church is far from over.

Vertical and Horizontal

The Gospel has two dimensions.  There is the vertical reality of all that Christ has done for us in redemption.  His grace speaks of the finished work of the cross, reconciliation, forgiveness, acceptance and peace with God.  The horizontal represents man’s response and responsibility in the world in which we live. 

The Gospel is Increase!

The word of truth, the gospel, brings forth fruit.  The gospel sets people free to discover who they were created to be.  The gospel releases us into the grace of God – His infinite provision for every need – and invites us to marvel at the overwhelming love of God.  The gospel is about blessing, favor, health, growth and freedom. 

The Purpose of the Gospel

When Jesus interrupted Paul’s persecution of Christians and spoke to him, He revealed the foundational purpose of the gospel. These are Jesus’ words to Paul concerning his new ministry...