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An Alternative Lifestyle

In today’s culture we are being shaped, molded, encouraged and even forced to accept “alternative lifestyles” as normal. 

The New, New You

Today is a new beginning.  If you need a new beginning, take it. 

Did Jesus say nothing about Homosexuality?

The issue is the heart.  A heart that embraces homosexuality or adultery or incest or sex trafficking or rape or evil thoughts, lies, slander or murder is a heart that desperately needs the transforming work of the Holy Spirit.  And that is the free gift of the gospel message. 

Born This Way

Rather than adjusting to a life of darkness, blindness and corruption, Jesus came that we might have true life.  We can be born into a new reality with a new identity and a true purpose. 

You Are What You Think

Only when you agree with God’s declarations about you will you be thinking correctly.