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Need or Vision?

Be driven by your vision, not by your needs!

Don't Oppose Yourself!

Many believers agree with good doctrine but speak words of failure, sickness, lack and defeat. 

Discover Your Purpose

There is something divine in you that seeks expression.  The gifts and callings of God don’t change, but they must be discovered.

Groundhog Day

Every day is a blank canvas on which you can express God’s grace, faith and vision, or your own fear and lack. 

Empty Handed?

Don’t be gullible. You are equipped to enforce Christ’s victory. You are never empty handed

Contentment or Resignation?

True contentment is peace in the midst of any situation, but it is not the passive acceptance of every situation.

The Power of Focus

Energy is generated by focus.  We make time for that which we consider important.  A scattered focus will determine your destiny just as much as a singular focus. 

The Equalizer

Faith does not depend upon background, education, social status, gender, race or even the mistakes we have made in life. 

How to Handle Failure

The love of God never fails.  Our failure does not change God’s love for us.


Patience or perseverance is a daily responsibility.  Don’t let your life be overgrown with weeds. 

Did Jesus say nothing about Homosexuality?

The issue is the heart.  A heart that embraces homosexuality or adultery or incest or sex trafficking or rape or evil thoughts, lies, slander or murder is a heart that desperately needs the transforming work of the Holy Spirit.  And that is the free gift of the gospel message. 

Knowing God's Will

You really don’t need three dreams and a vision to know God’s will.  If you will stay in harmony with righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience and gentleness, you will be in the center of His will and you will be a blessing to many.

What is Finished?

While the work of Jesus is finished, the work of the church is far from over.

Vertical and Horizontal

The Gospel has two dimensions.  There is the vertical reality of all that Christ has done for us in redemption.  His grace speaks of the finished work of the cross, reconciliation, forgiveness, acceptance and peace with God.  The horizontal represents man’s response and responsibility in the world in which we live. 

Revelation or Imitation?

When we lack revelation and don't understand God's purpose in any given area of life, imitation often replaces revelation. Much of what we do in life is often an imitation of others because we lack our own revelation of God’s purposes.

The Purpose of the Gospel

When Jesus interrupted Paul’s persecution of Christians and spoke to him, He revealed the foundational purpose of the gospel. These are Jesus’ words to Paul concerning his new ministry...