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Contentment or Resignation?

True contentment is peace in the midst of any situation, but it is not the passive acceptance of every situation.

The Power of Focus

Energy is generated by focus.  We make time for that which we consider important.  A scattered focus will determine your destiny just as much as a singular focus. 


Patience or perseverance is a daily responsibility.  Don’t let your life be overgrown with weeds. 

Does Your Life Hang In Doubt?

So many precious believers continue to live lives of frustration, fear and worry. They have failed to renew their minds to the Word of God. They have allowed strongholds of unbelief, fear and inferiority to dominate them.

Could it be Wrong Thinking?

What is the root of failure or discouragement?  Wrong thinking.  Wrong thinking can be divided into three categories.  If our minds are not renewed to the truth in any one of these categories, failure and discouragement have a place to grow...