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Why We Struggle With Faith

Many believers are frustrated because they ‘know’ what the Word says but they don’t experience the results they think they should. 

Fully Persuaded

I am convinced that being fully persuaded is a decision.  It is a decision to believe God’s Word above all else. 

Effectual, Fervent Prayer

I believe we too often grow passive and give up in our prayer life.  We put down the hammer and relax.  We don’t realize that it is up to us to enforce God’s will. 

The Mustard Seed Mystery

How often have we been exhorted that if we only had a tiny bit of faith like a mustard seed, that is all we need?

Are you up for a fight?

Grace makes all of God’s blessings available, but faith receives them.

Banks, Dogs and Mountains

The key to effective prayer is to believe without doubting that you already have the desired outcome. 

What Frequency Are You?

You haven’t been predestined to frustration.  You have everything you need in order to have God’s blessings overtake you.

Are you led by God?

Many would declare their desire to be led by God in all that they say and do.  How can we know if we are following God?


What is being revealed through the seed and what is God’s purpose?

The Equalizer

Faith does not depend upon background, education, social status, gender, race or even the mistakes we have made in life. 

How to Handle Failure

The love of God never fails.  Our failure does not change God’s love for us.

Believe and Receive

The key to effective prayer is to believe without doubting that you already have the desired outcome. 

The Power of Patience

Patience is confident expectation in the goodness of God and the power of His Word, knowing that the power of the Spirit is at work on your behalf.

Does Your Life Hang In Doubt?

So many precious believers continue to live lives of frustration, fear and worry. They have failed to renew their minds to the Word of God. They have allowed strongholds of unbelief, fear and inferiority to dominate them.

Faith for Healing

God has provided healing for every person on the earth, just as He has provided forgiveness of sins and redemption. 

By Faith, Not Sight

For those with well trained dogs, a simple command brings forth instant obedience.  Dogs can understand verbal commands, hand signals and even body language and inflections in the voice.  The owner of a well-trained dog has faith that his commands will be obeyed.  In many cases he doesn’t even have to see the obedience.  He knows the dog will carry out the command.


How often have we felt under resourced, out of energy, lacking in talent and with nothing left to give?  The truth is that those ‘feelings’ represent our flesh and natural thinking, not our spirit man.